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Realmadnessx (abbreviated RMX) is a Slenderman-based Youtube series/ARG. It was created on September 18, 2012 and takes place in Mississauga, Ontario. It follows Andy Warski, an already established comedian on youtube who makes a second channel to post vlogs and secondary videos. The first entry "000 - Turn around" is a video with Andy playing the guitar and singing a song but it seems to have a lot of camera issues. As he continues posting, strange things begin happening. His friend Joe decides to help him. Whilst the first few videos have a very normal feel to it, the series slowly becomes very dark. Sometimes the lines between protagonist and antagonist are blurred as the characters slowly grow unstable.

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Realmadnessx Channel - The Main Channel

Dialzerox Channel - The Channel of the antagonist Dialzerox.

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